B-CARL was created in 2014 to pursue cutting edge research in the applied side of law impacting the everyday issues of society. Under the rubric of applied research in law, this Centre is not about pedantic doctrinaire or abstract theoretical research in ivory tower, but it is about showing respect for real world needs. We partner with various stakeholders to voice out views related to our areas of concern by connecting directly with the stakeholders like; law enforcement agencies, policy makers, the disadvantaged groups (for example: a woman victim of sexual harassment at workplace), organizations both public as well as private or the State Commissions through active intervention.

The objective is that, there is translation of legal theories into practice and the focus is on the utility of research done to ensure Research brings Development.

B-CARL‘s research is conducted within a multidisciplinary environment and in collaboration with different organizations, including community services, clinical sociologists, clinical psychologists, counselors, police, labour commissioners, civil servants, activist groups and sometimes in partnership with State universities.

Immediately, the Centre has two priority areas of Research:

  1. Gender-Specific Issues & Women’s Rights
  2. Public Administration & Rule of Law.

Shri. N.B.Bhat, former IPS Officer, President of the BHS Higher Education Society & Dean of Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies is the founding Chairman of this Centre.

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Meet Our Team

Sri. N.B. Bhat

Chairman of the Centre

Dr. Sapna S

Director of the Centre

Mr. Manjunath M. Shivalli

Research Co-ordinator

    Ms. Stuti Desai Moorchung

    Research Associate

    Dr. Sunil Shastry

    Research Associate